Origin of the IPO INSTITUTE

The IPO – Initial Public Offering is the most complex financial transaction as it involves knowledge in finance, in many national and international laws, in marketing trends analysis, in macro- and micro- economy, in financial public relations, in econometrics, in fundamental corporate analysis, in financial and securities markets analysis as well as in accounting, whether traditional, financial or analytical.


Too many people, including experts, talk about the IPO without any understanding of the other fields involved beside their own. Everyone pretends to know, what they really do not know, because it requires multiple different fields of knowledge and because the Initial Public Offering transaction is at the crossroad of these disciplines.


This is why I decided to create a center of expertise about the IPO, teaching real knowledge, providing opinions, killing the myths or fake information and providing real IPO Experts knowledgeable in all of the above mentioned fields and disciplines combined.


To complete the IPO Institute distribution of knowledge to the corporate world, from entrepreneurs to top executives, the IPO Institute created the IPO Conference.

Marc Deschenaux, Founder



IPO Introduction

This training module covers the definition of an Initial Public Offering and of the various fields involved to be successful, including

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IPO Processes

This training module covers a full description of the IPO Processes. What are the four key processes of an IPO ?Financial –

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What is an IPO ?


IPO Network

Around the IPO Institute, its founders created the largest financial community of investors, traders, brokers, traders and financiers. This community is

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