Conducting Due Diligence

Important elements of due diligence

Figure 13: Important elements of due diligence Performing due diligence on potential investee companies is a crucial component of successful fund management, and funds should have a pre-determined process for this, a strategy they can begin to formulate alongside the development of their investment strategy. Due diligence is the first and only opportunity a fund … Read more

IPO Network

Around the IPO Institute, its founders created the largest financial community of investors, traders, brokers, traders and financiers. This community is accessible through the social networks and a LinkedIN group. The Institute will later establish adedicated social network.

IPO Optimal Valuation

What is the Highest Valuation an IPO can reach ?Is it wishable for the future life of the company on the securities market as an issuer ?

IPO Feasibility Study

In theory, an IPO is almost always possible as, already bankrupted companies have gone public, but is it feasible in good conditions ?and at which financial valuation ?The IPO Institute can provide you with a full analysis of your chances and of what the future IPO will look like in the current situation of the … Read more