Deal Makers Group

Deal Makers Group leads the industry in complex financial engineering. Our independent RIA and securities brokerage network have over 23 years of securities industry experience.

Greenberg, Hornblower, Deschenaux & Partners, LLP

We are international financial jurists because we believe going into litigation is already a failure. We do not believe in solutions arising from the courts of law. Our legal team is entrepreneurial and tends to avoid litigation as much as possible. We firmly believe that making money on the misery and strife of others is … Read more

International Securities Brokerage Network

The International Securities Brokerage Network (ISBN) is a specialized career platform that offers exponential growth opportunities to independent broker/dealers. Through its exclusive multilevel brokerage network, the ISBN platform builds the bridge between Issuers and potential investors. Full-time and part-time industry professionals, serve as intermediaries, distributing private issues to accredited, sophisticated or institutional investors.

Swiss Financiers

The Swiss Financiers Team has a proven history of taking companies public, ensuring a transparent and accretive value proposal along the entire process. Our unique platform streamline and fast track an IPO process through a time/cost-effective patent pending business method to successfully raise capital on the public security markets.

Experts Without Borders

The Experts Without Borders Federation, sharing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and in the process of being accredited by the United Nations, provides accredited Experts to Courts, Governments, International Organizations, Companies, Law Firms and other Clients around the world based on a robust selection and accreditation process.