IPO Institute launches IPO Conference series in strategic alliance with DHMP Consulting.

IPO Conference Show

Today in New York, the IPO Institute and DHMP consulting Partners LLC forged a strategic alliance to launch a regular series of regional conferences branded and directed by the IPO Institute, and organized and operated by the team of DHMP Consulting Partners LLC.

The IPO Institute is the leading global academic resource for research, training and policy development concerning the Initial Public Offering process and related issues. Established in 2018 by international jurist, author and financial structuring guru Marc Deschenaux, the IPO Institute seeks to democratize access to public capital markets through the proliferation of awareness and training. The Institute adopts an open access architecture for anyone seeking to gather information and learn more about all aspects of the IPO procedure which has historically been made opaque and complex by traditional investment banks. The IPO Institute provides access to writings and research on a myriad of related topics, and is a haven for interested parties to seek answers that unravel the mysteries of going public.

DHMP Consulting Partners has a rich history of working with young entrepreneurial ventures in both an advisory and investment capacity. In addition to its familiarity with the potential audience for the IPO Institute events, DHMP also draws upon exceptional experience in event organization to lead the implementation of this new IPO Conference series.

IPO Conference topics will cover the entire IPO process, from preparation, to issuance, and beyond, including accounting, valuation, preparation, distribution, registration, planning, execution and more. Attendees will include bankers, brokers, lawyers, registration agents, consultants, and of course a multitude of entrepreneurs and their companies seeking to go public. These events will provide access to Wall Street know how that has been kept hidden for decades, and create a community of activists dedicated to making the process for transparent and attainable for any entrepreneur with a good idea and the acumen and energy to implement it.

DHMP are in the process of identifying suitable locations and preparing a schedule for the coming year. It is expected that the first event will take place in April 2023.

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