Initial Public Offering Definition


The Initial Public Offering is the event defined as the first time that the shares of capital of a stock issuing private company called the “Issuer”, are offered for sale to the public. The proceeds of the sale of the Issuer’s stock raise a large equity financing for said Issuer. IPOs are often issued by … Lire la suite

IPO Processes

This training module covers a full description of the IPO Processes. What are the four key processes of an IPO ?Financial – how to raise interest for shares to the public on the market?Legal – how to obtain permission to sell shares to the U.S. public market?Commercial – how to actually sell the shares to the … Lire la suite

IPO Introduction

This training module covers the definition of an Initial Public Offering and of the various fields involved to be successful, including but not limited to Legal, Financial, Marketing, Sale, Risk Management, Reputational and Strategic Information, etc…